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August, 2011

Is Summer 2011 Really Almost Over?

Welcoming Tent At Pet Adoption Fair

We hope that all of you have been enjoying summer as much as we have.  We all have our regular activities that make summer so special.  This year we found a new one.  We went to a Pet Adoption Fair.  Our Companions, Domestic Animal Sanctuary, Bloomfield, CT, hosted a Pet Adoption Fair at the Ashford, CT Farmers Market.  Everything is better when you can do it outside and looking for a dog or cat to complete your family is no exception.  With plenty of space animals appear to be calmer and more welcoming then when viewed in a traditional animal shelter.  Everyone is in a festive mood making sharing information with other perspective pet owners easier.  Check out the sights and sounds of the fair on this month’s Shelter Page.  Whether or not you are looking for a new pet, plan to attend a Pet Adoption Fair in your area soon and be prepared to learn about animal welfare groups in your neighborhood along with the many opportunities to volunteer your time and skills.

Healthy Pets Are Our Top Priority

Dr. Ducor discusses symptoms that may go untreated for too Dr. Ducorlong.  Putting off veterinary care may cause your pet pain and permanent injury.  Just as with our other family members we learn to recognize changes in behavior that signal a need to see a medical doctor, we must also watch our pets for signs of physical changes.  Knee injuries are a common ailment in dogs.  So common that during one recent summer three of my friends had dogs requiring ACL surgery.  Learn to spot knee injuries and other ailments where early intervention is needed on The Vet page.


We went off to see the WIZARD

This is a very exciting issue of 1PetsPlace because we have been to The Wizard, The Wizard of Paws that is.  Debbie Saunders is the Wizard of Paws in Colchester, CT, and there are pets and pet owners who would probably say she can be quite the magician.  What she does is not magic, it is based on medical science.  Debbie Saunders is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner, a physical therapist for dogs.  Her background is in human physical therapy and she holds both a Masters of Physical Therapy and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy among her degrees and certifications. 

Nobody Gets In To See the Wizard Sign

Do Not Believe the Sign
Yes, you can see the Wizard

Canine Physical Therapy is a relatively new veterinary specialty. Before qualifying to start the Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner program given by the University Of Tennessee School Of Veterinary Medicine, one must first be a veterinarian, veterinarian technician, human physical therapist, or a human physical therapist assistant.  If you have ever used physical therapy for yourself, you know how beneficial it can be sometimes giving relief to problems that left uncorrected could lead to surgery.  Other times it is used after surgery giving the patient a better chance at full recovery.  Much of this is also true for your best furry friends.

  Read about the Wizard of Paws, on the Working with Pets menu, and learn about the role of the Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner.  If you already have one of the required degrees, consider preparing yourself for this new profession.

Help to End Pet Homelessness with Our Companions

Introducing Our Companions, Domestic Animal Sanctuary, a New England organization that first tries to understand the reasons behind pet homlessness. Now it is attempting to eliminate the problem one step at a time. Learn about Our Companions' ambitious goals and become part of the answer.

New England Will Soon Have A Pet Sanctuary

Master Plan for Pet Sanctuary

Master Plan For New Pet Sanctuary

Our Companions, Domestic Animal Sanctuary, Bloomfield, CT, is building a NO KILL pet sanctuary in Ashford, CT.  Unlike a typical animal shelter, dogs and cats will be housed in 16 comfortable cottages, 8 for dogs, and 8 for cats, designed to help pets socialize with humans and each other.  This beautiful facility will include forested hiking trails and a dog park, inviting the public into the facility.  But this is only one aspect of Our Companions work.  Their goal is to end pet homelessness by utilizing simple inventive programs.   Learn how Volunteers work with pet owners helping them overcome obstacles that otherwise might end in abandonment or sheltering of pets.  Adoption success is facilitated by staying in touch with adoptive pet parents throughout the first year, answering questions, giving advice, and utilizing free dog training.  Get to know Our Companions on our shelter page.

Additional Articles Include

Learn about the Veterinary Technician professon. I know you love your pets, could you be a key member of the veterinary medical team? Check out the article, you may discover new professional possibilities. And as always we want your pet pictures and pet stories. All of this plus important information you must have in a pet medical emergency. Read on, learn and enjoy.

Do You Know What To Do When Your Pet Needs Emergency Medicine?

The Following is a true story. Could it happen to you?

It happened just as my husband and I were turning off the local 11:00 PM news.  Enough bad stuff for the day, time to go to sleep.   Marshmallow our four month old calico kitten came running into the living room.  Jumping up on the furniture she ended up on top of the television cabinet.  Always a quiet kitten, she was making a strange growling sound that went with the horrible look on her face.  With a strangely opened mouth she tried to cough.  All that came out was the growling sound that neither of us had ever heard from her before.  Reaching up to the top of the cabinet my husband grabbed her and immediately felt her racing heart.  Because she appeared unable to cough something up, my first thought was that she had eaten something that was making her feel sick or worse poisoning her.  Going up stairs to Marshmallow's favorite room we found azalea petals from a plant, recently given to my husband as a gift, all over the floor.  Many were half eaten and some looked as if they had been vomited up.  As with most technologically savvy our first thought was to turn on the computer and Google poisonous plants.  Almost at the top of the list was Azaleas.  Azaleas are definitely poisonous to cats.

Cat Marshmallow in the sunMarshmallow enjoying her day in the sun.

That night we learned about veterinary emergency care and animal poison control centers.  Every pet owner should know who to call in an emergency.  You know that a crisis can strike when you least expect it.  It strikes in the middle of the night, just as you are leaving for work, or as you come home with your shopping in one hand and your take home work in the other.  At that moment you will have to act quickly. 


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